Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958
Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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The first known mention to Karl Schwarz dates from 1679 mem Moln, Austria. In 1981 the company received the quality certification of Austria. Nowadays it is dedicated to the manufacture of instruments such as berimbaus, kazoos, ocarinas, plunger flutes, percussion spoons and bread flutes.

It is a family business in which all stages of production are supervised by family members. The production is handcrafted and follows the best manufacturing practices of old European instruments.

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Metal jaw harp, the DB20-12 is made in Austria following a long family tradition. Available in three different colors; red, silver and blue with a matt finish. The sound of the jaw harps can be found in folk, house...
Available now
The jaw harp model DB20-14 is size 14 (3.62" long). Reliable instrument, this jaw harp is made of metal with a matte finish, easy to clean. Jaw harps can be found in a wide variety of musical styles, from traditional...
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These jaw harps are the result of a carefull crafting process perfected through 13 generations of the Schwarz family. Made of metal, with an attractive matt finish, the DB20-08 comes in three different colors.
Available now
The pan flute is a musical initiation instrument composed of several vertical tubes joined together and produces sound blowing tangentially to the opening of the tubes. Karl Schward's 0 / 55f model produces 12 notes.
Available now
The spoon or black-black percussion instrument consists of two wooden spoons connected together by a rod. It is used in the North American Cajun style.
The delivery time for this product is 3-4 weeks.
The Schwarz ocarina 042 is in the key of C. It is made manually in terracotta, with a protective layer. Includes bag and small manual.
The delivery time for this product is 3-4 weeks.
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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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