Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958
Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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$45.00 - $770.00

Electric Guitar Amplifiers

Connect to audio entertainment with the new Roland Mobile Cube amplifier. Small and powerful, this stereo amplifier can handle all kinds of electronic instruments and audio devices, and can be used anywhere, anytime....
Available now
For anyone who wants a small, easy-to-use practice amp with quality tone and a great price, Frontman 10G is at your service. Built with classic Fender style, it delivers full sound from its 6" speaker, with a gain...
Available now
Awesome sound, integrated effects, and the ability to switch COSM® amp types using a free application for iOS and Android, the CUBE-10GX is the ideal compact amp for rehearsing, improvising and recording. Built to the...
Available now
The compact design and the ability to run on batteries made Cube Street one of the favorite amps for traveling musicians. The new CUBE Street EX even delivers better performance with more projection, more channels and...
Available now
The Katana Series Boss amplifiers have received the highest accolades from guitarists from around the world thanks to their excellent sound, integrated effects and versatility. This Katana Mini allows you to access...
Available now
The EVH 5150 Iconic is a powerful and versatile guitar amplifier with a robust power output of 40 watts. This amplifier delivers ample headroom and dynamic range, making it suitable for both stage and studio settings....
Available now
Born of the development process behind the acclaimed Waza amplifier, these innovative amps embody BOSS’s determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound. Featuring proprietary circuit designs and meticulous tuning, the...
The delivery time for this product is 3-4 weeks.
Easy to use and versatile enough to fit any style of guitar playing, the 40-watt amplifier and 1x12 "Champion 40 speaker is an ideal choice as your first training and stage amp at affordable price. Suitable for rock,...
The delivery time for this product is 4-5 weeks.
The Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus amplifier offers the famous "JC clean" sound and Roland's signature stereo chorus effect in a compact, feature-rich amplifier for the modern guitarist. Like the model on which it is based,...
The delivery time for this product is 3-4 weeks.
This Mustang Micro is a personal guitar amp, with a great selection of sounds from very popular amps from the Fender Mustang series. The guitar connects to the amplifier without a connecting cable. You can connect...
The delivery time for this product is 4-5 weeks.
The THR series Yamaha amplifiers, where this THR5 model, are perfect to play at home, in the studio or on the jam, given their portability. This series of portable guitar amplifiers uses Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry...
The delivery time for this product is 6-7 weeks.
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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

Salão Musical de Lisboa

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