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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Soprano Ukulele Laka VUS5CH Sapele Chocolate with Bag


The Laka VUS5CH soprano ukulele has an excellent visual aspect and excellent sound. Complete with carrying bag.

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The delivery time for this product is 2-3 weeks.
$71.50 No tax

Discover the exotic sound of the soprano ukulele Laka VUS5CH and add a tropical  touch to your music.

Laka is a ukulele brand recognized for the construction quality of its instruments, made with musicians of all levels in mind.

The Laka VUS5CH is a soprano ukulele that will captivate the ukulele player - beginner or advanced - by sound and attention to detail, with an emphasis on the choice of woods and finishes, which make up a rich and very pleasant sound instrument.

The body of the Laka VUS5CH ukulele is made of sapele, a strong and showy wood, which gives it a very natural character, both in sound and appearance. The neck is made of okume, a wood from Equatorial Africa, more precisely from Gabon and Cameroon, used for its strength and durability.

The fingerboard is in black walnut, a less exotic material but very reliable and that fits perfectly in the set. The bridge is also in this material.

The finishes are discreet but very effective, from laser engraving with the brand's logo on the head to the rosettes that adorn the mouth of the instrument.

The strings are Aquila, one of the benchmarks in ukulele strings, arranged on 15 frets and the tuning is ensured by closed silver chimes, which give this ukulele another shine.

The sound of the Laka VUS5CH is very faithful to the traditional sound of the ukulele, with a good volume and excellent definition, serving both to play chords and set the rhythm, but also to venture into melodic lines and arpeggios.

Its sweet sound in the treble and the warm midrange makes it a very pleasant instrument to play solo or together and is a perfect complement to accompany the voice, for those who like to sing.

The Laka VUS5CH soprano ukulele is ideal for personal and playful use or even for playing more seriously. The Laka are quality instruments and above average, from the entry to the upper ranges, which satisfy the musical needs of the most demanding.

The Laka VUS5CH costs nothing to play, is great to hear and is built to last.


  • Modelo: soprano ukulele LAKA VUS5CH
  • Color: chocolate
  • Complete with bag
  • Neck: okume
  • Top: sapele
  • Back and sides: sapele
  • Tuning machines: closed, silver plated
  • Fingerboard: walnut, black
  • Bridge: walnut
  • Strings: Aquila
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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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