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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Bass Ukulele APC UKU BASS S Simple with Preamp


Although the ukulele is a well known instrument since the 19th century this variation of it is as recent as 2014. Slightly bigger than a baritone Ukulele, it comes with thick rubber strings and a preamp with an onboard tuner and equalizer. Keeps the same tuning as a bass guitar.

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The ukulele bass APC UKU Bass S is the instrument for bassists who play ukulele or for those who play ukulele and need more bass  in their music. With preamplification.

The bass ukulele is a recent innovation in the ukulele family and has only been marketed since 2014. One of the most noticeable differences is its size: the body is the largest of all ukulele formats (from smallest to largest: soprano, concerto, tenor, baritone, bass), but is smaller than a guitar. It is a small instrument but it does not prevent it to have a sound with excellent presence and definition.

The other big difference is the tuning itself, because of the specific function of this instrument. The tuning of the bass ukulele is the same as the traditional bass - treble bass: E - A - D - G (from low to high). For consistent sound, the APC UKU Bass S uses special strings that appear to be rubbery but mimic those of gut , using a material called Nylgut, one of the biggest innovations in stringing small instruments.

The APC UKU Bass S is an acoustic playable instrument that demonstrates its full potential when connected to an amplifier. It includes a preamp with built-in tuner and an equalizer to set the perfect balance in bass and treble.

Although it is larger and has more elements than a traditional ukulele, the base remains. APC manufactured the UKU Bass S in solid koa, a species of native Hawaii acacia. The finish retains its natural look with the organic decoration of the wood grain. The result is a sturdy and discreet instrument, but completely different from what we are used to seeing.

The APC UKU Bass S bass ukulele has an easy learning curve as it plays like a bass. For bassists the difference is only in the space between the frets, for the rest of the musicians, it's a very fun way to take on the bass on a stringed set of small instruments. This may be the missing element to start your fabulous traveling mini-band, because a ukulele takes up almost no space.

Also because the ukulele arose as a result of the roaming of the Portuguese sailors, being a direct descendant of the portuguese national cavaquinho. It later spread to the rest of the world through the hands of the American soldiers who took it with them to the various fronts on which they served. Today it is a very popular instrument because it is easy to learn to play and fit any style and taste of music, being indispensable in any indie band.

The UKU Bass S ukulele is made in Portugal by APC, a company founded in 1976 by António Pinto Coelho, a descendant of a centenary Porto luthier school. About 45 artisans build various types of traditional Portuguese cordophones, distributed in specialty shops in more than twenty countries, always with quality, innovation and tradition in their hands, so that they can make music with yours.


  • Top: solid koa

  • Back and sides: solid koa

  • Strings: Nylgut (rubber)

  • Scale length: 515 mm

  • Finish: open pore

  • Preamp: onboard tuner, two band equalizer (bass and treble)

Selo Fabricado em Portugal

Traditional instruments made in Portugal can present differences
to the picture shown in the website due to it's artisanal manufacturing,
specially in it's decoration.

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