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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Pearl River Upright Piano AEU118S PE Classic SILENT 118cm Black Polish 3 Pedals


Offers a contemporary look. The experience of the Pearl River technicians and artisans allied with the quality of the materials used in the piano manufacturing make this model a favorite for many pianists. The SILENT GENIO system eliminates the acoustic sound of the piano allowing you to play by hearing the digital sound using headphones.

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$5,869.24 No tax

Pearl River AEU118S PE Classic Silent is the upright piano for pianists who enjoy practicing anytime. With SILENT GENIO system,  ideal for playing at night.

With the Pearl River AEU118S PE Classic Silent there is no excuse for not playing the piano anytime of the day or night. But, let's go in parts. First, the AEU118S PE Classic is a piano for demanding pianists who need an instrument that meets their technical and musical needs.

The AEU118S PE Classic is a perfect piano to have at home: 118 cm high by 148 cm wide and 58 cm deep fits into any room in a modern apartment. Pearl River has used all of its experience to make a piano that not only looks good in your house, but is also built to be played with quality.

The harmonic soundboard is in solid spruce, solid core. The studs are made of nickel plated steel for added strength and longevity. Pearl River pianos use German Röslau strings, favored by the world's leading piano makers for their tremendous sound quality. The hammers have a core covered with pure wool felts with Wurzen ™ heads also made in Germany. The color of the furniture and the high gloss finish give it a contemporary and distinctive look.

The Pearl River AEU118S PW Classic has powerful, wide-ranging, high-definition sound from pianissimo to fortissimo, and a sensitive, comfortable action that allows for great expressive dynamics. Strong, clear sound is a prerequisite for any piano, but what if you want to practice out of hours?

The Pearl River AEU118S PW Classic SILENT features the Silent GENIO system, which transforms your acoustic piano into a digital piano. This system is very easy to use: just push the lever to mute the acoustic sound, put on the headphones and you can start playing, normally using the piano and keeping all your features listening only to digital sound.

Silent Genio does more than silence your piano. The GENIO BASIC α system, which comes with the Pearl River AEU118S PW Classic SILENT, has other very useful functions to help pianists in their study: in addition to several predefined sounds, they can record and play two tracks, accompany 10 upcoming songs. use the metronome or transponder, and apply reverb or chorus effects. It also has a USB output for MIDI connection to a computer.

The Pearl River AEU118S PW Classic SILENT is an instrument designed to be played regularly, at any level and under any circumstances, whether for learning or studio use.

Pearl River pianos are appreciated by musicians and recognized throughout the international industry for their careful choice of materials.


  • Height: 118 cm

  • Length: 148 cm

  • Width: 58 cm

  • Weight: 225 Kg

  • Number of keys: 88

  • Pedals: 3 (central-practice rail)

  • Soundboard: solid spruce with solid core
  • Keyboard lid: slow closing with hydraulic shock

  • Tuning pegs: nickel plated steel

  • Hammers: core covered by pure wool
  • Strings: german Roslau

  • Colors: black, white, walnut or mahogany

  • Finish: high gloss
  • Adjustable bench included

Shipping is free till 150 km (93,2 miles) from Lisbon and to a 2nd floor

10 anos Ingles.png

For more information about shipping beyond this distance please contact us

Against any manufacturing faults
We guarantee all technical assistance for your piano, if you intend to, request our maintenance contract.

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