LP Pair of Maracas M281 Mini Matador

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Add more "salero" with the killer sound of the Latin Percussion LP M281 Mini maracas.

Maracas are the salt of Latin American and Afro-Cuban music. In other words, used in the right measure, they give another flavor to your rhythm, in any style.

Although mini, the Latin Percussion LP M281 maracas have a great style. The heads are round, in black plastic and the handles are in wood, designed for great strength and durability. With reduced dimensions, they are excellent for those with smaller hands or to be used together in one hand.

The sound is clear and smooth, which allows them to be picked up closely by a studio microphone, or to be played in more intimate environments.

Maracas are one of the few percussion instruments in Caribbean and Latin American music that does not have African origins. Its roots are in the ritualistic practices of the Tupinambá tribe, in Brazil, and also in others in Florida, North America.

As it is a simple instrument, it is often used as a toy for children and as an introduction to percussion instrument, but with an enormous capacity to be used creatively in various musical styles, especially those that draw more to dance.

Latin Percussion emerged in the 60s in the United States by the hand of Martin Cohen to respond to the lack of Cuban percussion instruments caused by the trade embargo imposed by Washington at the time.

Latin Percussion instruments began by setting the pace in Latin Jazz bands at the time, but were quickly used by musicians in a variety of styles, and today they are one of the most prestigious percussion instrument brands in the industry and a favorite of some of the most popular musicians in the world. the last few decades.

With impeccable style and relentless sound, the Latin Percussion LP M281 Mini Matador maracas live up to their name at an unbeatable price.


  • Shells: rounded, black plastic
  • Handles: wood
  • Sound: crisp, light
  • Durable instrument
  • Adequate for light studio work
  • Fits perfectly in small hands

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