Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958
Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Pair of Maracas LP LP281 Professional


The LP Pro LP281 maracas are made in combined pairs - one high and other low, for a classic maraca sound. They produce a high and sharp sound, especially on the stage. 

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$19.10 No tax

The Latin Percussion LP281 Professional maracas are the secret ingredient for Latin American rhythm professionals.

The Latin Percussion LP281 maracas are the most imitated in the world. Crafted in the tradition of Latin percussion instruments, the LP Pro LP281 has a sharp, present sound that stands out on stage or in the studio, with great definition. They are made in matched pairs - one high and one low, for a classic maraca sound.

The construction of the Latin Percussion LP281 Professional Maracas is solid and very resistant, to last for years. The heads are made of plastic and the handles are made of wood, very comfortable.

Maracas are one of the few percussion instruments in Caribbean and Latin American music that do not have African origins. Its roots are in the ritualistic practices of the Tupinambá tribe, in Brazil, and also in others from Florida, North America.

As it is a simple instrument, it is widely used as a toy for children and as an introduction instrument to percussion, but with an enormous capacity to be used creatively in different musical styles, especially in those that are more dance-oriented.

Latin Percussion emerged in the 1960s in the United States by Martin Cohen to respond to the lack of Cuban percussion instruments caused by the trade embargo imposed by Washington at the time.

Latin Percussion instruments began to set the pace in Latin Jazz bands of the time, but were quickly used by musicians in a variety of styles, and are now one of the most prestigious percussion instrument brands in the industry and the favorite of some of the most popular musicians in the world. last decades.

The Latin Percussion LP281 Professional maracas are the choice of top percussionists. And at this price, it could be yours too.


  • High and bright sound
  • Plastic heads an wood handles
  • The LP Pro maracas are the most imitated in the world
  • Sold in pairs: one treble and one bass, traditional feature of vintage maracas

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