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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Guitalele Yamaha GL1 Natural


The guitalele Yamaha GL1 is a mini 6 string guitar, with the size of a baritone ululele. Its tuning is in fourths A/D/G/C/E/A 

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The guitalele Yamaha GL1  is a 6 string mini nylon guitar, the size of a baritone ukulele.

This model has natural finish.

Half guitar, half ukulele, the Yamaha GL1 guitalele is 100% fun. This six-string nylon mini guitar is the size of a baritone ukulele and plays like a standard guitar with known chord positions, as the pitch is a quarter above the traditional guitar pitch: A - D - G - C - E - A. That is, it is like playing a normally tuned guitar but with a capo at the fifth fret.

Yamaha has ensured that despite its small size, the Yamaha GL1 guitalele has the sound of a great instrument, using very affordable materials and the best construction techniques. For the top he chose spruce and meranti for the bottom and flanks, a mahogany-like wood. This guarantees Yamaha GL1 not only structural integrity but also good definition and sound support.

The neck is made of nato, a hard and sturdy wood, with a fretboard in rosewod, the same material as the bridge. Although the frets are closer together than a full-size guitar, the Yamaha GL1 guitalele is very comfortable and fun to play whatever the size of the hand, whatever the level.

It is an ideal instrument both for starting the young on the six strings, as well as for traveling, having a hand in a festival tent or for practicing and developing the technique of more advanced musicians. And because it is in a different pitch, it can be an interesting complement to creating new sounds in your music, solo or in conjunction with traditional guitars.

The Yamaha GL1 guitalele comes with a custom-made carry-on bag for safe, protective storage when not in use.

Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments and one of the most recognized brands by musicians and the industry for its high quality products. The Yamaha GL1 guitalele is the result of knowledge passed down through generations under the supervision of master builders in the manufacture and transfer of skills to branded workers who apply their knowledge in string instrument manufacturing every day, every day. Process Steps.

The Yamaha GL1 guitalele is the perfect instrument for guitar players of all sizes who want the full potential of the six strings of a guitar in a small portable ukulele format with all the fun these unique features can provide.


  • Top: spruce
  • Back: meranti
  • Side: meranti
  • Neck: nato
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Included accessories: gig bag
  • Body depth:2 13/16" (70mm)
  • Fingerboard width (nut/body):1 7/8" (48 mm)

Introducing the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele, half guitar, half ukulele… 100% fun.
A unique mini 6-string nylon guitar that is sized like a baritone ukulele (17” scale) and plays like a standard tune guitar.

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