Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958
Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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French Horn John Packer JP162 F Golden with Case


The John Packer JP162 French horn is designed for children as it is smaller than a full-size French horn, allowing th e young musician to place his right hand correctly on the bell while maintaining the correct posture when playing.

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The French horn is an aerophone musical instrument from the brass family. It consists of a 3.7 meter metal tube in its full-size version, wound several times on itself. It has a mouthpiece at one end. The instrument is played with the right hand inside the bell. The left hand plays the keys.

The John Packer JP162 is a simple and compact french horn, made for small musicians, with F tuning.   

Designed for young people, the John Packer JP162 french horn has the ideal dimensions so that small horn players can develop their technique without major difficulties. Its scale allows young musicians to place their hands correctly on the bell, while maintaining a correct and comfortable posture.

It is a horn tuned in F, an alternative to the other very common B-flat tuning.

The musicians who play french horn have to learn to play in F and B-flat, but to start the study, the teacher must recommend the horn to be purchased.

Built in brass with a golden finish for a more classic look, the John Packer JP162 french horn has a 12.5 mm tubing and a 277.5 mm bell, also in brass, which gives it a good projection.

With a very affordable price for a first horn, the John Packer JP162 is a robust model with all the features necessary to learn and develop the technique of this instrument.

With three rotating cylinders, neoprene protectors, the John Packer JP162 can be adjusted in the hands of the musician thanks to the adjustable ring, for greater comfort, which makes it perfect for evolving and growing musicians.

The John Packer JP162 french horn is equipped with a JP612 mouthpiece, which is very easy to blow. It also has a light and very resistant case for maximum protection of the instrument, and with a bag to store the cleaning and maintenance material, as well as staves and other accessories.

With over 40 years on the market, John Packer is the British brand of reference for wind instruments. Manufactured to a high standard of quality, all John Packer instruments have a 2-year warranty covering any manufacturing defect.

The John Packer JP162 french horn is an excellent entry model for learning this classic instrument, perfect for little musicians who need material to help them grow.


  • Model: JP162
  • Key: F
  • Bell: yellow brass, 277,5 mm (11") of diameter
  • Body: yellow brass
  • Valves: 3 rotary
  • Bore: 12,5 mm (0.492")
  • Mouthpiece: JP612
  • Finish: lacquer
  • Includes a case and accessories
  • Warranty: 2 years, against manufacturing defects

queen's awards for enterprise

british design

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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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