LP Afuche LP234 BK Mini Plastic Black

Developed and introduced by LP more than 40 years ago, the afuche has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history. Steel bead rings are wrapped around a textured cylinder to produce a variety of rhythmic patterns of scraping. Available in several sizes, the larger versions produce larger volume.

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The LP LP234 afuche brings new textures to your rhythms. An original Latin Percussion instrument.

The afuche is one of the most interesting, simple, full of potential percussion instruments you can find. Made up of steel beads wrapped around a cylinder, this unique instrument produces its sound by scraping the beads against the texture of the cylinder, giving access to a variety of rhythmic patterns.

The sound is somewhat reminiscent of maracas or shakers, but the control possibilities and the sound are different. Latin Percussion was the brand that, 40 years ago, developed this instrument, which has become one of the essential elements of any self-respecting rhythm section. It was the second invention of its founder, Martin Cohen, which was based on other traditional instruments of African tradition that use the same principle of sound production.

Its sound gives another color to the set of percussion instruments, with its subtle sand sound. This extra dimension has made it one of the most popular percussion instruments of all time, being used in various musical styles.

The LP LP234 afuche has a special textured stainless steel cylinder, surrounded by wires with steel beads that move, producing the sound. The handle of the main part is made of very resistant and durable plastic.

Latin Percussion is an American brand, which emerged in the 60s by the hand of Martin Cohen to make up for the lack of Cuban percussion instruments in the United States, due to the trade embargo imposed by Washington at the time.

Latin Percussion instruments began by setting the pace in Latin Jazz bands at the time, but were quickly used by musicians in a variety of styles, and are today one of the most prestigious percussion instrument brands in the industry and a favorite of some of the most popular musicians in the world. the last few decades.

The LP LP234 afuchecalabash is a simple instrument, but full of musical potential, at a very affordable price, and that should be part of the material list of all percussionists who like their art.


  • Creates rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns
  • Specially textured stainless steel cylinder
  • Loops of steel bead chain
  • Martin Cohen's second patented invention
  • Created over forty years ago, it has become one of the most popular percussion instruments of all time

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