APC Ukulele CS Concert Simple

The ukulele concert, with a 38 cm scale, was created in the 1920s as a modification of the soprano. His arm is longer than the soprano. This APC Concerto Simple model has a solid koa body and black African wood scale. Made in Portugal.

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The ukulele APC CS Concerto is simply a pleasure to play and to take everywhere. Made in Portugal by one of the  best brands of national cordophones.

The ukulele is a very fun instrument to play and very portable. It occupies little space but fills travels or meetings with friends with joy and fun with music of all styles and eras. It just depends on the taste and art of the service musician.

The APC CS Concerto is a simple ukulele, with a larger body than the soprano model, which gives it a lower and present sound. The neck is longer, giving the musician a larger frtetboard with more frets and more spacing.

This Concerto variant was created around 1920, but APC created a modern model with the finest materials. The body, bottom and sides are in solid koa, a species of native Hawaiian acacia that gives it an identity and sound very close to the native instruments of the American island.

The fretboard is made of African black wood, and its 18 frets give room for virtuosity and the ability to play treble notes convincingly and with presence, enhancing their musical versatility and technical potential of the instrumentalist.

The ukulele APC CS Concert takes advantage of the natural veins of the wood, giving it a very natural and organic aesthetic, being very showy but at the same time very discreet.

The ukulele is a direct descendant of the Portuguese cavaquinho, which was taken by Portuguese sailors to the Pacific Islands to cheer on their long voyages.

It later became a popular instrument in the early decades of the twentieth century, when Hawaiian-inspired music filled the early days of radio in the United States, and kept company with American soldiers in the trenches of World War II. Nowadays, it's one of the fashion instruments because it's easy to learn and so much fun to play, and it can be taken everywhere.

APC was founded in 1976 by António Pinto Coelho, who is descended from a centenary school of luthiers in Oporto. The company has about 45 artisans who build various types of traditional Portuguese and other origins. APC is the largest national company in this field, producing and selling instruments to over twenty countries.

The ukulele CS Concerto was made with all the experience and knowledge of APC artisans who combined sound and beauty into a high quality instrument.


  • Top: solid Koa
  • Sides and back: solid koa
  • Machine head: nickel
  • Scale: african blackwood

Label musical instrument made in Portugal

Traditional instruments made in Portugal can present differences
to the picture shown in the website due to it's artisanal manufacturing,
specially in it's decoration.

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