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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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LP Timbales M257 Matador 14 15 Chrome


LP Matador® Timbales offer classic sound and excellent value.They can be used alone or added to a drum kit. 

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The delivery time for this product is 3-4 weeks.
$401.81 No tax

Add a little Latin flavor to your rhythms with a pair of Latin Percussion Matador LP M257 Timpani.

The LP Matador M257 timbales have a classic sound and can be used alone or added to a drum kit. They are the ideal choice for any percussionist looking to combine traditional style and professional quality sound.

From the family of percussion instruments, timbales are low pitch drums, with only one skin, less deep than toms, which gives them a higher pitch. They are played with sticks, by hand, tapping the rim and drums, to produce a wide range of sounds in solos and in certain sections of music, and are widely used in Afro-Cuban music.

With chrome-plated shells and hardware, the LP M257 toms are 14" and 15" in diameter, and 6-1/2" deep. The set also comes with a tuning key included.

The LP Matador M257 timbales are perfect to be part of the rhythm sections of various styles, from Cuban music to other Latin American styles, or even jazz or any other musical genre that needs a little more salero.

The Matador series by Latin Percussion takes into account the tradition and typical sound of the percussion instruments it manufactures, the Matador M257 meets the demands of the most demanding percussionists.

Latin Percussion is an American brand, which emerged in the 60's to fill the lack of Cuban percussion instruments in the United States, due to the trade embargo imposed by Washington.

Latin Percussion instruments began to set the pace in Latin Jazz bands of the time, but were quickly used by musicians in a variety of styles, being today one of the most prestigious percussion instrument brands in the industry, respected by some of the most popular musicians of the last years. decades.

The LP Matador M257 Timbales are yet another energetic voice for the percussion section and an essential sound of Latin American music.


  • Chrome shells and hardware, 14" & 15" diameter, 6-1/2" deep.
  • Traditional tuning.
  • Set includes heavy duty, fully adjustable tilting timbale stand.

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