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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Moeck Recorder 1025 Flauto1 Soprano Plastic German


A soprano recorder for the beginning, inexpensive and easy to look after.
It is made of a special plastic and is finished off manually.
FLAUTO 1 does not have the same qualities as a wooden recorder but provides a servicable alternative for beginners and
for practise.

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The Moeck 1025 Flauto 1 is a recorder manufactured by one of the most prestigious German manufacturers, specialist in this type of instruments.

The Moeck 1025 Flauto 1 is ideal for practicing and developing the recorder, without the need to resort to more advanced models, while retaining the fundamental qualities of superior ranges, made of wood.

Manufactured in a synthetic material, it is finished manually by the workers of Moeck, a German brand that for almost 100 years has been specializing in the manufacture of recorders, of all times and formats. Because it is made of special plastic, it is very sturdy, easy to maintain and clean, making it an excellent choice for intensive practice.

The recorder is a wind instrument, widely used as a solo instrument, which gained popularity in the Middle Ages, particularly in Central Europe. The alternative name "flute of bezel" comes from the cut of its fixed reed, but also is known by "flauta dulce", thanks to its characteristic timbre.

It is a simple melodic instrument, very popular for the musical initiation of school children and music therapy, because it is easy to learn. The fingering is done in eight holes that give the notes of the natural C-scale.

It's also a challenge for more advanced musicians who want to use this simple instrument for creating melodies on their sweet and very recognizable timbre, solo or accompanying other instruments. The composer who dedicated the most pieces to him was Vivaldi, who composed many concertos for recorder, either for the contralto version or for the soprano.

Moeck is the German brand that specializes in the manufacture of these instruments. Since 1930 they manufacture recorders, initially made by small craftsmen but personally tuned and intoned by the brand's founder, Hermann Voegt.

In search of faithful reproductions of historical instruments, Moeck created a special department dedicated to the reconstruction and reproduction of instruments of the Baroque and the Renaissance. In the 1960s, brand support for historical instrument learning courses increased interest in its products, producing high quality replicas of museum instruments, but not forgetting the manufacture of recorders.

Today Moeck recorders are made by high precision machines, but always with intervention by the craftsmen in the manufacturing process, which maintains the standards of quality and reliability of each instrument.

The Moeck 1025 Flauto 1 includes a purse, cleaning brush and cloth as accessories, a certificate with maintenance manual and fingering chart.


  • Model: Flauto 1

  • Size: soprano

  • Joints: 2 joints

  • Fingering: german

  • Tuning: a1 = 442 Hz

  • Material: plastic

  • Holes/Key: single holes

  • Included accessories: cover, cleaning rod and cloth, certificate with manual for
  • maintenance and fingering chart
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