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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Recorder Mollenhauer 1073 Prima Soprano Red German


The Mollenhauher Prima 1073 recorder has pearwood body, which gives it a characteristic, warm and velvety sound. The head is made of high quality plastic, very sturdy. It is a professional quality instrument that provides excellent performance at an affordable price, given the high quality of the materials used and the careful design.

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The Mollenhauer 1073 Prima recorder is a two-piece soprano recorder, made with the quality of German manufacture.
The Mollenhauer 1073 Prima recorder consists of two pieces. The bezel, the part where it blows, is made of very strong plastic. Because it is removable, it allows a more effective cleaning. The body is in pear wood and has eight holes, arranged in the German typing system and is tuned in There.
The recorder is very popular for the musical initiation of school children and music therapy as it is easy to learn, but it is also very interesting to accompany other instruments. It's also a challenge for more advanced musicians who want to use this simple instrument to create melodies on their sweet and very recognizable tone.
The Mollenhauer 1073 Prima produces a warm sound thanks to the wood of its body, very balanced, with a good dynamic between the different types of intensity that we want to give, in a perfect balance between quality and price. The careful design and the latest manufacturing techniques make this classic instrument a very modern, ready-to-use product.
Also known as a flute, the recorder is a wind instrument, which was very popular in the Middle Ages, particularly in Central Europe, and was then made of wood. This recorder cut into a bevel, hence the name bevel flute, and with eight holes that produce the notes of the natural scale of Do. It is a simple melodic instrument, which is widely used as a solo instrument.
The composer who dedicated the most pieces to him was Vivaldi, who composed many concertos for the recorder, both for the contralto version and for the soprano. In addition to the natural notes of the scale, we can give the sharp ones, covering only half of the hole corresponding to the note.
The Mollenhauer motto is "Fun & Flute" (fun and flute), but above all it is the rigor that characterizes this almost bicentennial German mark. The manufacture of wind instruments has been in this family since the 19th century. They were distinguished early by the quality of its construction. The flutes manufactured by Mollenhauer are the result of the efforts of generations in search of innovation and development of the manufacture of these instruments.
The Mollenhauer 1073 Soprano Prima recorder comes in a set that includes a cotton bag, wiper, a typing table and instrument care instructions.


  • Model: 1073 Prima

  • Size: soprano

  • Fingering: baroque system

  • Material: wood and red plastic
  • Tuning: A=442Hz

  • Holes/keys: german single hole
  • Includes: cotton bag, cleaning rod, fingering chart and instrument care instructions
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