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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Soprano Recorder Mollenhauer DENNER 5122 Baroque


Mollenhauer's Denner 5122 recorder has a brilliant, expressive sound and compelling charm. It provides an agile and fast response in all octaves, being ideal for music of any era that requires some virtuosity. It belongs to the Denner series, as it is based on the original instruments of Jacob Denner (1681-1735).

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The Mollenhauer Denner 5122 recorder is a baroque soprano recorder, inspired by Jacob Denner's original instruments

The Mollenhauer Denner 5122 recorder is a special instrument, which recovers the design of recorders created by Jacob Denner, a wind instrument manufacturer who lived in Nuremberg in the first half of the 18th century. Denner was the one who developed the first clarinet and was very famous for his recorders, creating the standard for modern versions of these instruments.

The Mollenhauer Denner 5122 follows this pattern, consisting of the bevel, the part where the reed is located and where it is blown, which is removable for more effective cleaning. The body is made of pear wood and has eight holes, arranged in the Baroque typing system and is tuned in Lá (442Hz), with a range from D2 to D4.

The last two holes are double, as is common in most modern baroque recorders, so that musicians can rise half a step or access a smaller third more easily, a technique that was previously possible by partially covering the corresponding hole. It is a way to develop typing in a more practical way for those who are still learning.

The Mollenhauer Denner 5122 has a bright, expressive sound and convincing charm. It provides an agile and fast response, being ideal for music of any era that requires some virtuosity.

Manufactured in accordance with the precepts of the original instruments but with modern production and quality control, Denner 5122 is made of castello wood, a wood of a South American species widely used in the manufacture of flutes for its resistance and moisture absorption capacity. .

Suitable for musicians who are developing their virtuosity with more advanced techniques and pieces, the Mollenhauer Denner 5122 has a typical and beautiful sound that remains balanced in any register, from the highest notes to the lowest.

Also known as recorder, the recorder is a wind instrument, which was very popular in the Middle Ages, particularly in Central Europe. The composer who dedicated the most pieces to him was Vivaldi, who composed many concerts for recorder, both for the contralto version and for the soprano. In addition to the natural notes of the scale, we can give the sharps, covering only half the hole corresponding to the note.

Mollenhauer has the motto “Fun & Flute” (fun and flute), but above all it is the rigor that characterizes this almost bicentennial German brand. The manufacture of wind instruments has been in this family since the 19th century, being distinguished from an early age for the quality of its construction. The flutes manufactured by Mollenhauer are the result of the effort of generations in search of innovation and development in the manufacture of wind instruments.

The Mollenhauer Denner 5122 is a very modern instrument, based on the classic tradition and the quality guarantee that Mollenhauer ensures.


  • Model: 5122 Denner
  • Size: soprano
  • Fingering: baroque system
  • Wood: castello boxwood
  • Tuning: A=442Hz
  • Holes/keys: baroque double holes
  • Includes: cotton bag, cleaning rod, fingering chart and instrument care instructions
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