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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Artimúsica Lisbon Portuguese Guitar GP73L Luthier


The GP73L is the highest quality Lisbon model made by Artimúsica. This Portuguese guitar is a wonderful musical instrum ent made with solid premium woods and equipped with a 'Fanã' fan style machine head.

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$3,594.67 No tax

Play Lisbon fado with nobility on the Portuguese guitar Artimúsica GP73L. Luthier model, with high quality finishes.

Fado accompanies the guitar, and all the richness of its emotion needs an equally magnificent instrument. The Artimúsica GP73L is a Portuguese guitar, model of Lisbon, with sumptuous details and a deep and engaging sound, for guitarists in search of a superior quality. In the look and sound.

Artimúsica created this model of Portuguese guitar with all the skill and knowledge of its craftsmen, using selected materials to obtain a unique instrument.

For the top, they used solid pine as tradition dictates, so that their timbre is bright and well defined. In the back and in the sides, the Artimúsica applied aged wood of indian rosewood, a special treatment with influence in the sound of the guitar, and also in its longevity, ensuring that its structure remained stable and unchanged throughout the years.

The neck is a whole piece in mahogany, and the scale is in ebony, a wood renowned for its distinctive appearance and high resistance, increasingly used only on instruments of very high ranges.

The decoration of the Artimúsica GP73L makes it an object of art, as well as a musical instrument. The mouth is decorated with mother-of-pearl, with musical motifs, and the two-ribbed handkerchief highlights the cutout of its pear-shaped body. At the top, the snail-shaped volute, which identifies Lisbon's fado guitar, has a fan-tuning mechanism in front and a decorative carving with a very fine effect on the back.

In addition to the Lisbon Portuguese guitar there are two other models of traditional fado guitars (there is also the Portuguese guitar from Porto and the Portuguese guitar from Coimbra). The Lisbon Portuguese guitar is, of the three, the one that has the most brilliant sound, reinforced by the traditional tuning of the Fado Lisboeta in Si Lá Mi Si Lá Ré, from the most acute.

The Portuguese guitar Artimúsica GP73L is a luxurious model, with elegant details and refined finishes, and a unique sound. Indicated for guitarists who have fado running in the veins and emotion to sprout from the fingers.

Founded in September 1992, Artimúsica is one of the reference brands in the traditional construction of traditional Portuguese instruments. It is a family business, which follows the method of construction started by master Joaquim José Machado, more than 100 years ago. His grandchildren, the masters Manuel Carvalho and José Carvalho, make each instrument as if it were a true work of art, making each piece unique, high quality, and full of tradition.


  • Fado guitar Lisbon model
  • Model: Luthier L (Lisboa) with scroll volute
  • Soundhole: decorated with mother of pearl
  • Top: solid spruce
  • Back and sides: solid rosewood*
  • Neck: mahogany, single piece
  • Fretboard: ebony
  • Bindings: 2 friezes
  • Machine heads: 'Fana' fan style
  • Finish: gloss
*Aged indian rosewood
Aged wood has a great influence in the
guitar sound quality, it constitutes a guarantee that
the instrument will not change over the years.
Portuguese traditional instruments can present differences to the picture
shown in the website due to it's artisanal manufacturing,
specially in it's decoration.
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