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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Percussion Set Honsuy 46600 21 Pieces


The Honsuy 46600 percussion kit consists of 21 percussion instruments and a case with compartments for transport. It is a good solution for schools.

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The Honsuy 46600 percussion kit is a great set of instruments for the little ones. Ideal for schools.

Get the youngest students to set the pace with the Honsuy 46600 percussion kit. This kit has 21 very simple and easy to use percussion instruments to develop the rhythmic language in the youngest. They are resistant and safe instruments, which can be used by young musicians.

The set consists of several types of percussion instruments. It has four triangles of different sizes and each one with its sound, as well as two pairs of plates, one of 20 and one of 15 cm. For a more regular marking, the set has three pairs of clubs and you can add a few parsley powder with the maracas: two egg and one normal.

For coloring with other sounds, there are also two wrist bells, a rattle and an isolated agogô. There are always the amusing tambourines, one vertical and one 20 cm without skin, plus two Chinese boxes - two round, one double and one tambourine.

All of these instruments are accompanied by their accessories and packed in a very practical bag for transport and storage, to be at hand whenever they are needed.

The benefits of learning percussion instruments range from the domain of discipline and self-control, to the development of functional abstraction and physical endurance. Together they help to develop a sense of collective coordination. It is also a huge source of entertainment for the little ones.

Honsuy is a Spanish brand of reference in the construction of musical initiation instruments. Founded in 1963, it produces a wide variety of instruments ranging from sophisticated jazz drum kits to instruments dedicated to teaching music, so we risk saying that there is no music school without Honsuy instruments.

Despite being an educational kit aimed at the little ones, it can also be a resource for imaginative musicians, who need several instruments of this type for recordings or performances.

Teach the joys of rhythm with the Honsuy 46600 percussion kit. Come, you are still in time.


  • Bag with handles, contains:
  • 1 tambourine 20cm
  • 1 tambourine 20cm, without head skin
  • 1 double round chinese box
  • 1 pair of cymbals 20 cm
  • 1 pair of cymbals 15 cm
  • 1 cowbell
  • 3 pairs of claves
  • 1 jingle stick
  • 1 chinese box
  • 1 pair of maracas
  • 1 triangle 12 cm
  • 1 triangle 15 cm
  • 1 triangle 18 cm
  • 1 triangle 20 cm
  • 1 agogo one element
  • 2 egg maracas
  • 2 wrist jingles


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