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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Honsuy Soprano Diatonic Metallophone 49240 c to a


The metallophone is an instrument composed of several chromically arranged metal blades. This Honsuy 49240 is an excellent musical initiation instrument.

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The Honsuy 49240 is a soprano diatonic metallophone with metal blades, excellent for musical initiation. Comes with three  alternative blades and a pair of stops.

The Honsuy 49240 is a diatonic metallophone, in C major, with 13 blades from C to A. It also comes with three blades - two in F # and the other in A # - that allow you to change the metallophone tone to G Major (relative to E minor) or F Major (relative to D minor).

It can also be configured for pentatonic scales, removing the slides that are not part of the scale. The registration of this metallophone is soprano.

The resonance box provides a defined sound with a pleasant volume, and is made of a lighter wood, which contrasts with the metallic tone of the blades.

The origins of the metallophone are the same as those of the xylophone, with recordings of blade percussion instruments, with rhythmic and melodic functions from Africa to Asia. It is in the 9th century, in Southeast Asia, that a version appears very close to the current one, but experts say that its history can go back to 2000 BC. Xylophone literally means "the voice of the wood", but as this instrument has metal blades it is called a metallophone.

The metallophone is a simple and perfect instrument for musical initiation, as it allows you to immediately visualize the relationship between the notes, on a predefined scale, but without the risk of out of tune. It stimulates visual and motor coordination, so it is beneficial for both children and senior musicians.

It can be played together or solo, or even take the lead role in a band. There are several versions of this instrument, which have found space and prominence in both classical orchestras and jazz groups.

Musicians who need a more organic sound in their compositions have in Honsuy 49240 an instrument with a quality sound to capture melodies with rhythm and brightness, in an unusual tone. The brilliant sound of the metal blades stands out in the middle of any composition.

Honsuy is a Spanish brand of reference in the construction of percussion instruments. Founded in 1963, it produces a wide variety of instruments ranging from sophisticated jazz drum kits to instruments dedicated to teaching music, so we risk saying that there is no music school without a Honsuy.

At home, in the studio or in the classroom, the Honsuy 49240 is a fun and musically rich instrument in the hands of imaginative musicians.


  • Metallophone soprano C to A diatonic

  • Aluminium alloy tuned bars of 32 x 8 mm
  • 3 Alternatives bars F#, A# and F#
  • Resonator shell of:

  • Height: 25,5 cm

  • Width: 13 cm

  • Length: 59 cm

  • With a pair of mallets
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