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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Melodica Record M 37BL Blue 37 Notes


Melodica Record M-37BL blue has 37 keys. Comes with plastic box, mouthpiece and blow tube.  

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The delivery time for this product is 14-15 weeks.
$27.50 No tax

The melodica Record M-37BL is a very fun looking instrument, perfect for musical init iation and beyond.

The melodica is a free reed aerophone with a piano-like keyboard. It works in a very simple way, blowing into the mouthpiece and pressing the keys. 

Due to its characteristics, the melodica Record M-37BL is an excellent choice for starting the youngest in basic musical fundamentals. Made of resistant plastic, this model comes in a very lively and captivating blue, which gives it a very relaxed look. The mouthpiece is very ergonomic, for greater comfort and also has a tube for more practical use.

The keyboard has 37 keys over a range of two and a half octaves, which allows you to play chords and melodies with great ease and range.

Despite being a simple instrument, it offers the possibility of being used in an educational context in learning intervals and melodies in a simple way. Younger students are not intimate with the melodic, favoring a playful and relaxed perspective.

But the most serious musicians have also used melodica in concert, due to the ease and simplicity of processes and also for its sweet and harmonious timbre. One of the musicians who demonstrated and took greater advantage of the musical potential of melodica music was the Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal, who used it in several songs that encompassed different styles.

For the price, it costs nothing to buy one. Whether to use for entertainment, in music education, or even as a full-fledged musical instrument, the melodica Record M-37BL is perfect for blowing out some music on any occasion.


  • Model: M-37BL
  • Body color: blue
  • Hard plastic case
  • Keys: 37
  • Blowing tube
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
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