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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Acoustic Guitar Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ Crossover with Bag


The Alhambra Crossover line encompass a series of instruments that combines classical and acoustic guitar features. Comfortable cutaway body with a narrower neck similar to those of an acoustic guitar, this characteristic provides great versatility when playing multiple styles.

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The Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ is a very versatile cutaway nylon string acoustic guitar.

The Alhambra Crossover line fuses the characteristics of classic nylon string guitars with steel string acoustic guitars. The result is a high-quality hybrid, with its own sound and strong identity.

The Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ has a classic guitar body but the cutaway cutout denounces its use to play standing up on large stages. The nylon strings promote its more classic and sensitive side, but the set of options taken by Alhambra in the design of this model gives it great versatility in the execution of different styles, which are not restricted to classical music.

The construction of the Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ is solid and robust, with a solid cedar top and Indian rosewood sides. The neck is in samanguilla and has a truss rod for any necessary adjustment. The fretboard is in rosewood, with a quality and comfortable action, without noise.

The Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ is equipped with the Fishman Classic M E1 pickup that reproduces and amplifies the natural sound of this model, with a bright and very defined timbre, fully balanced in terms of power and the relationship between bass and treble.

Alhambra is one of the most respected brands in the music business and particularly among classical guitarists. Since the 1960s, it has been manufacturing classical and acoustic guitars, being present on stages all over the world by the hands of the best interpreters, of different musical styles. The knowledge and materials applied in the manufacture of their guitars make them serious options for the most committed musicians.

The Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ brings together the best of two worlds: that of the experience accumulated in the manufacture of superior quality instruments for classical music by the Spanish brand, and the advancement in the concept and construction of modern and versatile instruments for demanding musicians who need a quality guitar with a professional profile for unlimited performances.

The Crossover line responds to these demands with instruments of great quality, sound versatility, and enormous reliability of technical construction. The Alhambra CS LR CW E1 EQ is a successful example of this investment by Alhambra in taking tradition further, establishing new levels of quality for its products.

Alhambra guitars offer a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase of the instrument.


  • Top: solid cedar
  • Back and sides: India rosewood
  • Neck: Samanguila (with truss rod)
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Tuning keys: Golden
  • Includes a bag Alhambra 9738 with 25mm padding
Alhambra guitars come with a 3-year warranty
against any manufacturing defect from the date
the purchase of the instrument. Register your guitar at
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