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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Electric Guitar Ibanez RG421HPAM ABL Antique Brown Low Gloss


The Ibanez RG421HPAM electric guitar looks great and provides great playability. With nyatoh body and Wizzard III neck and low-gloss Antigue Brown finish. Equipped with excellent DiMarzio pickups.

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The Ibanez RG421HPAM ABL is a modern electric guitar made for both fast riffs and expressive solos, with an organic and natural look.

Ibanez are standout guitars and the RG421HPAM ABL easily stands out. It is an affordable guitar for guitarists who like speed and expression in an instrument that is easy and comfortable to play, with a wide range of timbres at your disposal.

The body of the Ibanez RG421HPAM GLA is nato, with an oak top that gives it an organic aesthetic, with wood grain in an Antique Brown hue flowing under a low-gloss finish.

The spruce neck is the design created by Ibanez, Wizard III. Wizard III arms are thin, flat and designed for speed. Strong and robust, the Ibanez RG421HPAM neck is perfect for applying more advanced techniques.

The fingerboard is also spruce and features 24 two-octave frets for greater tonal range. The inlaid placeholders are black to contrast with the scale color.

The Ibanez RG421HPAM is a great guitar for more expressive guitarists, due to its sound versatility and expressiveness. The F106 bridge allows for a longer and more stable sustain, in addition to allowing easy and independent adjustment of the height of the strings.

The pickups on the Ibanez RG421HPAM are different and complement each other to create a rich and versatile palette of tones. The neck pickup is a DiMarzio® Air Norton™ humbucker, passive, in alnico, and the bridge pickup is another DiMarzio® humbucker, in this case a The Tone Zone®, also passive and in alnico.

Pickups are activated and selected with a five-position selector. The uppermost neck position selects the neck pickup only. When the selector is between the neck and center position, the neck humbucker is activated and is in parallel. In the center position, the neck and bridge pickups are selected. Between the center position and the bridge position, the neck pickup's bridge side and the bridge pickup's neck side are selected. When in the bridge position, the selector activates the bridge pickup.

These combinations make the Ibanez RG421HPAM a perfect electric guitar for guitarists who play multiple styles and want to have multiple tonal options in one instrument.

Ibanez is one of the most popular guitar brands in the world. Designed in Japan, Ibanez guitars became very popular in Western markets thanks to their original design and innovative sound that perfectly matched rock and metal music from the 1980s onwards. With models designed for technically advanced musicians, playing an Ibanez meant possess a certain degree of virtuosity.


  • Body: nyatoh, oak top
  • Finish: Antique Brown, Low Gloss
  • Neck: Wizard III, roasted maple
  • Fingerboard: roasted maple
  • Position markers: black dots, inlaid
  • Number of frets: 24, jumbo
  • Fingerboard length: 648mm (25.5")
  • Width of the fingerboard: 43mm
  • Fingerboard width at 24 fret: 58mm
  • Neck Pickup: DiMarzio® Air Norton™ (H), passive alnico
  • Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio® The Tone Zone® (H), passive alnico
  • String spacing: 10.5mm
  • Bridge: F106
  • String space: 105mm
  • String gauge: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
  • Hardware color: black
  • Strings: D'Addario® EXL110

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