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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Djembe Toca Percussion TF2DJ 9SC Freestyle II Rope Tuned Spun Copper


The djembe Toca TF2DJ-9SC is one of the models of the series Freestyle. It has synthetic head and very light body, very resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It has an excellent sound.

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The Djembe Toca Percussion TF2DJ-9SC is a state-of-the-art instrument made of synthetic materials but with a very organic sound.

Toca Percussion has been dedicated to placing percussion instruments in the hands of musicians around the world that keep the spirit of their ancestral origins, constantly innovating their construction processes.

The TF2DJ-9SC is one of the models that best demonstrates the quality of the Freestyle Toca Percussion series, which aims to maintain this tradition of preserving the traditional sound of percussion instruments using state-of-the-art materials.

The lightweight, sturdy body is made of fiberglass, which avoids the problems associated with wooden instruments when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. Synthetic skin is very durable and has a natural tone. This stability provided by the materials makes the Toca Percussion TF2DJ-9SC an excellent choice to take anywhere, regardless of weather conditions.

Tuning is always guaranteed with the Alpine low elastic string tuning system, which has been proven in other Toca Percussion models. The aesthetic side of the Toca Percussion TF2DJ-9SC has not been neglected, featuring natural lines on a dark copper background, in a sober but very appealing effect.

Purists may wrinkle their nose at the idea of ​​a djembe that is not made of organic materials, but musicians soon open their ears to the musical potential of this TF2DJ-9SC. With a stable sound in all weather conditions, it is ideal for both stage and outdoor festival camps. It is so light that it is perfect for those who like to take their pace everywhere.

Toca Percussion djembes are a reference as instruments of great sound quality among knowledgeable percussionists, from street musicians to professionals. It is one of the most respected brands in the manufacture of percussion instruments and one of the most innovative.

Originating in West Africa, the name djembe comes from "Anke djé, anke bé", an expression of the Mali Bambara people, meaning "let us all be together in peace." The djembe is a sonically versatile instrument, making it possible to remove various sounds using various hand and touch techniques, either solo, or to accompany other instruments.

Djembe Toca Percussion TF2DJ-9SC is the choice of modern percussionists to express their musical creativity, to the beat of African rhythms or other origins, in urban and natural environments. In style and always in free style.


  • 16-1/2" (42 cm) tall fiber glass djembe
  • All-weather synthetic head
  • Low stretch Alpine Rope Tuning
  • Freestyle II Djembes are weather resistant and extremely durable
  • The sound quality is second to none, which is why the pros love to play them too

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