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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Djembe Toca Percussion SFDJ 7F Freestyle Rope Tuned Fiesta


The Toca SFDJ 7F djembe is string-tunable and has a resistant synthetic body. Natural goatskin selected manually. The sound is strong and consistent. You can easily carry it over your shoulder. Regardless of your playing style, Toca Freestyle djembes are excellent choices.

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The djembe Toca Percussion SFDJ-7F has a body in synthetic material and natural leather. Very light and resistant, it's perfect to take with you wherever you go.

Toca Percussion has been dedicated to putting in the hands of musicians around the world percussion instruments that maintain the spirit of their ancestral origins, constantly innovating their construction processes. The Freestyle series is the result of the meeting of this innovation with the tradition of these millenary percussion instruments.

The SFDJ-7F is a high-quality example of the Freestyle Toca Percussion series at a very affordable price. And, as the name implies, it's perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.

The lightweight, sturdy body is made from fiberglass and measures 30.5 cm, or 12 inches. The use of synthetic materials avoids the problems associated with instruments made of wood when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. The high-quality natural skin is manually selected, and provides a very traditional, natural tone with an excellent range of bass and treble sounds.

Tuning is always guaranteed with the Alpine Low Elastic String Tuning System, which has already proven itself in other Toca Percussion models. The aesthetic side of the Toca Percussion SFDJ-7F was not neglected, presenting natural lines on a background in light wood tones, in a sober tone but with a very appealing effect.

The Toca Percussion SFDJ-7F has a sound that immediately catches the attention of experienced percussionists who like to explore and share their rhythms, making it ideal for percussion circles, teachers and percussionists of all levels.

With a stable sound in all weather conditions, it is ideal for both the stage and outdoor festival camp. And it's so light it's perfect for anyone who likes to take their pace everywhere.

Toca Percussion's djembes are a reference as instruments of great sound quality among knowledgeable percussionists, from street musicians to professionals. It is one of the most respected brands in the manufacture of percussion instruments and one of the most innovative.

Originally from West Africa, the name djembe comes from "Anke djé, anke bé", an expression of the Bambara people of Mali, which means “let us all come together in peace”. The djembe is a sonically versatile instrument, being possible to extract various sounds using various hand and touch techniques, either solo or with other instruments.

The djembe Toca Percussion SFDJ-7F is an excellent choice for percussionists to express their musical creativity, interpreting African or other rhythms, always sharing experiences with others and in communion with the environment.

Rock the party with the Toca Percussion SFDJ-7F Freestyle Fiesta.


  • Very light and resistant fiberglass Djembe with 12 "(30.5 cm)
  • High quality natural skin selected manually.
  • Tuning with low elasticity strings and Alpine braided cores. with very stable tuning.
  • Ideal for percussion circles, facilitators, teachers and all levels of percussionists
  • Excellent bass and treble tones
  • Protective rubber and non-slip bottom

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