Djembe Toca Percussion SFDJ 9K Freestyle 9

The djembe Toca SFDJ-9K belongs to the Freestyle series. The skin is prepared to be resistant to temperature changes, reducing stretching, drying and loss of sound. The body of the djembe is light and extremely durable. It has an anti-slip rubber backing.

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The Toca Percussion SFDJ-9K is a djembe from the acclaimed Freestyle series, with a fiberglass body and high  quality natural skin.

The Toca Percussion Freestyle series combines innovation with tradition in the manufacture of modern djembes, always keeping the spirit of its ancestral origins. The SFDJ-9K is an example of the great quality of this series, using state-of-the-art materials, precise design and a very festive spirit.

The lightweight and sturdy body is made of fiberglass and measures 42 cm, or 16½’’ (inches) in height. The use of synthetic materials avoids the problems associated with instruments made of wood, when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity.

Because the SFDJ-9K's body is lightweight and extremely durable, it's perfect for going everywhere. It is ideal for drumming circles, teachers and percussionists of all levels, on stage such as at campsites, outdoor festivals or even at demonstrations in an urban environment.

The high quality natural leather head is hand-selected and prepared to be resistant to temperature changes, reducing drying and sound loss. Tuning is always guaranteed with Alpine's low-elastic string tuning system.

The Toca Percussion SFDJ-9K has a festive decoration, with motifs reminiscent of patterns of African origin, where warm tones contrast with cooler ones, in a very pleasant and eye-catching result. The non-slip rubber backing helps keep the djembé always in the correct position, without slipping.

Toca Percussion djembes are a reference as instruments of great sound quality among knowledgeable percussionists, from street musicians to professionals. It is one of the most respected brands in the manufacture of percussion instruments and one of the most innovative.

Originally from West Africa, the name djembe comes from "Anke djé, anke bé", an expression of the Bambara people of Mali, which means "let us all come together in peace". The djembe is a sonically versatile instrument, being possible to extract various sounds using various hand and playing techniques, solo, or accompanying other instruments.

The Toca Percussion SFDJ-9K djembe is an excellent choice for percussionists to express their musical creativity, interpreting rhythms from different origins, always sharing experiences with others and in communion with the environment.

Color your rhythm with the Toca Percussion SFDJ-9K Freestyle 9.


  •  16-1/2" (42 cm) tall fiber glass djembe
  • Top-grade goatskin head
  • Low stretch Alpine Rope Tuning
  • Weather resistant and extremely durable

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