Alto Recorder Mollenhauer CANTA 2206 Baroque

With nice and clear sound, especially used in sets or as a solo instrument, this Canta 2206 model has enormous versatility. It is very reliable due to the choice of wood and its robust and practical design. It has a very balanced weight distribution and is very lightweight.

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The contralto recorder Mollenhauer Canta 2206 is a recorder for soloists or to play together. With baroque fingering system.

Made of pear wood, the contralto recorder Mollenhauer Canta 2206 is a reliable and versatile instrument with a balanced and clear sound. Its robust design and light weight allows you to maintain a correct and comfortable position.

The Mollenhauer Canta 2206 is a flute with baroque fingering. The difference between this fingernail and the more modern Germanic is seen in the two-hole dimension of the body: in the baroque the fourth hole is smaller than the fifth, while in the Germanic it is the opposite.

This innovation of Germanic fingering helps in the positioning of the fingers, however it is easier to sound out of tune. The baroque system helps to maintain the tuning.

With a good sound projection, thanks to the physical characteristics of its wood, the Mollenhauer Canta 2206 is ideal for playing together, highlighting the pleasant and clear sound.

The recorder is widely used in musical learning by students of all ages. Antonio Vivaldi was one of the many composers who created works for the contralto version, such as the RV 441 concert in C minor. In addition to the natural notes of the scale, we can play the sharp ones, covering only half of the hole corresponding to the note.

The Mollenhauer motto is "Fun & Flute" (fun and flute), but above all it is the rigor that characterizes this almost bicentennial German brand. The manufacture of wind instruments has been in this family since the nineteenth century, which were distinguished early by the quality of its construction. The recorders manufactured by Mollenhauer are the result of the efforts of generations in search of innovation and development of the manufacture of wind instruments.

Whether to play solo or together, the Mollenhauer Canta 2206 is an excellent choice for any recorder player who wanted to have an instrument to last and sound quality.


  • Model: 2206 Canta
  • Size: alto
  • Fingering: baroque system
  • Wood: pearwood
  • Tuning: A=442Hz
  • Holes/keys: baroque double holes
  • Includes: cotton bag, cleaning rod, fingering chart and instrument care instructions

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