LP Conga LP825 Compact Conga Giovanni 11

Giovanni compact congas are one of LP's most successful award-winning innovations. Designed in conjunction with master percussionist Giovanni Hildago, they produce an incredible conga sound suitable for practicing, playing live or recording in the studio. 

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The compact Giovanni LP825 LP conga is one of the greatest innovations in percussion instruments, designed together with master Giovanni Hidalgo. 11 inches.

This instrument has the sound of the masters, had it not been designed with the help of one. The LP LP825 conga is a compact version of regular congas, to meet the space and transport needs of touring musicians, without sacrificing sound.

With the help of congas master Giovanni Hidalgo, Latin Percussion created an instrument capable of shining both on stage and in the studio. With an exceptional sound definition, this instrument has already been distinguished by the industry and is part of the sound of award-winning records.

Measuring 11 inches in diameter, the LP LP825 conga has an Evans Tri-Center synthetic skin, secured by an aluminum alloy bezel. It can be fitted to traditional snare drum stands, or the dedicated LP826M snare holder, seamlessly integrating a percussion set or drum kit.

The drum can be adjusted by an included drum switch, which allows you to reduce the sound for practicing at home or playing in tighter spaces, without muffling other instruments.

The congas, in their non-compact version, resembles a djembé but, despite being descendants of this African instrument, they have a very characteristic sound, lower and warmer. The congas are played with the hands and are widely used in Latin American and Caribbean music.

Founded in the 1960s by the hand of Martin Cohen to address the shortage of Cuban percussion instruments in the United States due to the trade embargo imposed by Washington, Latin Percussion is a brand recognized for its quality in manufacturing professional level percussion instruments, equipping some of the most famous percussionists on the planet.

The compact 11-inch Giovanni LP825 LP conga is an example of the quality and innovation that Latin Percussion puts into the manufacture of its instruments, listening and collaborating with the musicians who play them, so that they can excel in each of their performances.

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  • Alluminum alloy rims.
  • Evans Tri-Center Synthetic Head (replacement head LP265AE).
  • Drum key tunable; can be muted for practice. 
  • Fits on basket-style snare stands or LP826M.
  • Can be used anywhere a conga is played, perfect for use with a drum set, percussion set-up or on its own. 
  • Matching bongos available.

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