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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Concertina Hohner GCF Compadre 2 Voices


The Compadre Hohner concertina is a two voice diatonic model, great for both beginners and experienced accordionists.

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$678.31 No tax

Hohner Compadre's two-voice concertina in Sol is the model for anyone who wants great sound and style at an incredible price.

The concertina Hohner Compadre is an accessible but high quality range of accordions to the level that the German brand has accustomed us. This model is a two-voice diatonic sol accordion with 31 buttons (62 notes) and 12 bass buttons. The buttons are comfortable and quick response, very soft to the touch.

The Hohner Compadre bellows is very malleable, easy to open and close, which allows for natural instrument breathing and stable volume production.

The sound box produces a sound volume that puts it in the center of any set, aesthetically appealing and solidly constructed for greater protection of the instrument. The grille was designed with great taste, and for a greater sound projection.

Its melodic range allows us to play styles such as the "norteña" music, a musical genre from Northern Mexico, related to polka and corridos, and a descendant of German popular music, which is also well interpreted in Compadre. Irish music and FolkPunk are other styles that benefit from the strong timbre and the presence of this accordion.

Hohner is a German company founded in 1857 and one of the greatest references of musical instrument manufacturers in the world, specializing in accordions, electromechanical keyboards and wind instruments as harmonics. Hohner instruments are synonymous with German quality and precision.

The concertina Hohner Compadre is an easy-to-use, very comfortable instrument thanks to its light weight and adjustable straps, ideal for musicians looking for a concertina in Sol, to broaden their repertoire or to have an instrument accessible for all occasions. It is considered by the musicians who buy it as perfect for instrumentalists of all levels who look for an authentic and versatile sound.

Hohner got the concertina Hohner Compadre to create a modern instrument with an appealing and effective design, without being heavy for the performer or the wallet.


  • Model: Compadre GCF, A 4824
  • Color: red or black
  • Tuning: G C F
  • Number of notes: 62
  • Class: diatonic
  • Key buttons: 31, 3 rows  
  • Voices: 2
  • Bass buttons: 12  
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 19cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Included accessories: gig bag, strap, padded pextile straps

The different colours can vary it's existence in our stock, please contact us to know if your preferred colour is available

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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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