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Sevenmuses CD Amália Sings Traditional Fado


This Sevenmuses Amália Sings Traditional Fado CD contains a compilation of fados sung by Amália Rodrigues from 1945 to 1959. With audio restored and mastered in HD. 

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Artist: Amália Rodrigues
Title: Amália sings traditional fado
Format: CD (8 pages booklet)
Genre: Fado / World Music / Portugal

Amália sings... Collection of 4 titles
Original illustration
Biographic notes in Portuguese and English
20 of the best Fados from 1945 to 1959
Restored and remastered audio in HD

Amália sings it's a collection of 4 titles that reflects the versatility and the performance genius of the singer.
It can be said that it is a true Best of Amália Rodrigues from 1945 to 1959, because it includes the best songs from the beginning of her discography career till her recognition.
The recordings were recovered using last generation software, treating and mastering the audio in high definition so that we can hear Amália's voice the same way she presented herself to the world, as one of the best singers of the XX century.
The 4 titles that are part of this collection, show the various artistic facets that Amália had.

- Amália sings traditional fado
- Amália sings fado songs
- Amália sings with orchestra
- Amália sings the world

Every one of this titles includes 20 songs, original illustrations and biographic notes in Portuguese and English.
A collection for every fan of the Fado Diva, that can hear here her voice and understand why Amália was considered one of the 4 best voices of the world.

  • 01.Fado menor (Linhares Barbosa/Arr. S. Moreira)

  • 02.Tudo isto é fado (Aníbal Nazaré/Fernando Carvalho)

  • 03.Que Deus me perdoe (S. Tavares/Frederico Valério)

  • 04.Novo fado da Severa (F. Dantas/F. de Freitas)

  • 05.Fado alfacinha (António Feijó/Jaime Santos)

  • 06.Não é desgraça ser pobre (D. Araújo/Arr. S. Moreira)

  • 07.Fria claridade (P. Homem de Melo/José Marques Amaral)

  • 08.Fado das Tamanquinhas (Linhares Barbosa/Tamanquinhas)
  • 09.Interior triste (Armando Góis/Luís Macedo)

  • 10.Triste sina (Nóbrega e Sousa/Jerónimo Bragança)
  • 11.A minha canção é saudade (Frederico de Brito/Vasco Barros Queiroz)
  • 12.Há festa na Mouraria (G. de Oliveira/A. Duarte)
  • 13.Lago (Luís de Macedo)

  • 14.Fado dos fados (Leonel Neves/António Mestre)

  • 15.Lá porque tens cinco pedras (Linhares Barbosa/Filipe Pinto)
  • 16.Fado da adiça (Rodrigo de Melo/Armandinho)

  • 17.Fado marujo (Linhares Barbosa/Artur Ribeiro)
  • 18.Faia (Amadeu do Vale/F. de Carvalho)

  • 19.Ai Mouraria (Amadeu do Vale/Frederico Valério)

  • 20.Malmequer pequenino (Ricardo Borges de Sousa)

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