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Lisbon Music Shop Musical instrument shop since 1958

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Cavaquinho Artimúsica CV70T Braguinha Madeirense Simple Linden Top


The cavaquinho braguinha (or just braguinha) is a typical chordophone from Madeira island. The Artimúsica CV70T has a solid linden top.

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Play "Bailinho da Madeira" with the cavaquinho braguinha Artimúsica CV70T, made in Portugal. 

The Artimúsica CV70T is a cavaquinho braguinha, the insular variant of this very traditional Portuguese instrument.

The cavaquinho is a traditional Portuguese instrument that exists and persists in several regional variants. One of them is the cavaquinho braguinha, a variant originating from the island of Madeira, very similar to the cavaquinho from Lisbon. The difference between this version and the more common cavaquinho from Braga is the raised fingerboard on the top, instead of a shallow fingerboard. Another significant difference is the five extra frets that the braguinha has over the common continental cavaquinho. The Artimúsica CV70T has seventeen frets instead of twelve.

The cavaquinho braguinha Artimúsica CV70T was built respecting the specifics of this variant. The back and sides are in walnut and the top is in linden, which gives it a lighter shade. The neck is in poplar and the fingerboard is panga panga, a very resistant wood.

It is a simple version, decorated only on the pelmet with a traditional inlay, with a gloss finish.

The cavaquinho braguinha, although typical of Madeira, retains its origin in its name, having already been called Machete de Braga or Machetinho. Features three steel strings and a bass string, tuning from high to low D - B - G - D - (bass drum).

This cavaquinho is perfect for the traditional music of Madeira, but also for exploring other sounds in the vast repertoire of traditional Portuguese music based on cavaquinho.

Founded in September 1992, Artimúsica is one of the leading brands in the artisanal construction of traditional Portuguese instruments. This family business follows the construction method started by master Joaquim José Machado over 100 years ago. His grandchildren, the masters Manuel Carvalho and José Carvalho, manufacture each instrument as if it were a true work of art, making each piece unique and of great value.

The cavaquinho braguinha Artimúsica CV70T is an instrument that captures the regional essence of a national instrument full of tradition and history, for musicians who love traditional Portuguese music in all its variants.


  • Model: simple
  • Soundhole: round
  • Top: linden
  • Back and sides: walnut
  • Neck: poplar
  • Fretboard: panga panga
  • Machine head: nickel plated
  • Finish: gloss
Label musical instrument made in Portugal
Portuguese traditional instruments can present differences to the picture
shown in the website due to it's artisanal manufacturing,
specially in it's decoration.
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