Cavaquinho Artimúsica CV14C Half Deluxe Round Sound Hole Half Tops

Cavaquinho is a cordophone instrument with its origins in Minho, but used in folk music from different regions  of Portugal with different tunings and with different functions. The Artimúsica cavaquinho model CV14C has the top in two different solid woods of different colors, round mouth and standard machine head. 

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Artimúsica CV14C is a traditional Portuguese cavaquinho made in Portugal, with  refinement and attention to detail and high quality finishes. Half luxury model.

The cavaquinho is one of the most popular Portuguese cordophones. Used in traditional music, from the Minho swoops to the Madeira viras, it has found space in other musical genres that benefit from its bright and very lively sound.

The Artimúsica CV14C is a model of great quality of construction and sound, which represents the best that is done in the construction of traditional Portuguese instruments, by one of the most prestigious national brands of traditional cordophones: Artimúsica.

Artimúsica's artisans chose the best materials to make the CV14C. The top is made of spruce and holy wood, creating a contrasting effect between its two half-tops.

The bottom and sides are solid walnut or maple, with a finish that enhances the natural veins of the wood. The neck is made of poplar, and the fingerboard is made of indian rosewood, giving a beautiful continuity effect from the top half. The choice of woods is made with the brilliant sound of this instrument in mind, as well as its longevity, in addition to giving it a very natural look and great aesthetic value.

The four strings are tuned by a set of chimes in nickel, which allows for more intense interpretations. There are several tunings for the cavaquinho. The traditional tuning, from the highest to the lowest string, is in D - B - G - G.

There are also other variations, in different shades, as in G: D - B - G - D; in A: E - C # - A - E; in C: G -E - C - G; and in C: G - E - C - C. But there are many others that prove the versatility and richness of this deceptively simple instrument. These variations open up immense possibilities for integrating the cavaquinho as an accompanying instrument or soloist in a tuna, in a set of traditional music, or in another musical style to the taste of the performer.

Artimúsica is one of the most illustrious brands of Portuguese popular instruments, with respect to the musical and manufacturing tradition of this typically Portuguese instrument that has spread and metamorphosed throughout the world, from Cape Verde to Brazil, from Madeira to Hawaii, where, under different names , this 4-string cordophone gained prominence and its own identity in each of the cultures where it was established.

Founded in September 1992, Artimúsica is one of the benchmarks in the artisanal construction of traditional Portuguese instruments. It is a family business, which follows the construction method started by master Joaquim José Machado, more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, their descendants manufacture each instrument as if it were a true work of art, making each piece unique and of high quality.

The Artimúsica CV14C cavaquinho is an excellent investment in a high quality instrument for high level interpretations.


  • Model: CV14C Half deluxe
  • Soundhole: round
  • Top: half tops, solid spruce and rosewood
  • Back and sides: solid walnut or sycamored
  • Neck: poplar
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Machine head: nickel plated
  • Finish: gloss

Portuguese traditional instruments can present differences to the picture
shown in the website due to it's artisanal manufacturing,
specially in it's decoration.

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